Thursday, November 26, 2009


© by Stan C. Countz Nov. 2009

These days she’s makin’ the bacon
But I’m still a man last time I checked
My nerves are shot and my head is achin’
Don’t know what that woman expects
My patience and hair’s growin’ thinner
I just wonder what’s happenin’ next
Now when she comes home late for dinner
We're famished and the house is a mess

Don’t know what that woman wants
To wear the pants or to wear the dress?
I ain’t askin’ for that much
And I'm tryin' to do my best
To feel the warmth of her touch
To feel her head on my chest
But if I can’t get no love
I’d settle for some respect

I’m confused ‘bout my role in the family
I’m still supposed to provide and protect (but)
Washin’ and foldin’ clothes just ain’t manly
Don’t know what that woman expects
I ain’t a cook and I ain’t a nanny
Though I’m tryin’ my very best
I’m used to takin’ names and kickin’ fanny
But right now I could use a little rest


Our kids are 'bout ready to leave us
Pretty soon, we’ll have an empty nest
Can’t let this challenge defeat us
We can ride this out and pass this test
But no one would ever believe us
Who’d believe we’d be a success?
Does she want to follow or lead us?
I'm confused, I must confess

Don’t know what that woman wants
Don’t know what she expects
I ain’t askin’ for that much
Just some love and some respect
Ain’t lookin’ for no free lunch
Tired of sittin' on the bench
'Cuz, in this economic crunch
If I can’t get a little love
I’d settle for a little sex


© by Stan C. Countz Nov. 2009

Well I love the way she looks at me
When she thinks that I can’t see her
She probably thinks that I don’t love
And I don’t need her…but you know I do

She’s the reason why I can’t sleep at night
The smoke in my pipe, the coat to my tie
The cream to my pie, the dream in my mind
And I find it hard to believe… she’s mine

She’s got that look in her eye
The one she thinks I can’t see
She’s the grape to my vine
And it’s hard to believe…
She’s mine

Like fine wine, our love gets better with time
She’s the sweet grape’ and I’m the rough vine
The magic takes place when the two combine
She makes me believe everything will be fine

Everyone can see I’m a fortunate guy
For the life of me I just don’t know why
She loves me but I know that she does
Sure we fight but we always make up

She’s got that look in her eye
And she shows me the signs
She’s the coke to my fries, the bee to my hive
And she makes me happy to be alive

She’s got that look in her eye
That says she can’t be denied
She’s the dream in my mind, makes me think I can fly
And I still can’t believe that she’s mine

Cuz she’s the moon to my shine, the fruit to my vine
And I find it hard to believe… she’s mine
I’ve gotta pinch myself each and every night
‘Cuz I still can’t believe… she’s mine

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Original lyrics by Stan C. Countz Nov. 2009

Drivin' like a maniac on my way back
From a high-priced gig
Saw a bright red Cadillac
With a bike rack on the back, hit a big rig

Pushin’ past eighty in my brand new Mercedes
Had maybe twenty-five miles to go
Before I’d see my baby
In my own home town, so I slowed down
And I’m glad I did

‘Cuz life’s a gift; can’t take it for granted
I don't know how many days I've been handed
You'd think by now I might've finally learned
That life’s a gift; there ain't no returns

Had my radio dialed to my favorite station
Smiled thinkin' bout my two-week vacation
Tank was near empty, but I was almost home
Chattin’ with my baby on my new iphone

Had a lot on my mind, missed that stop sign
I hit the brake but it was too late
Was it fate or was I plumb out of luck?
Drove straight into an ol pick-up truck

Dazed and surprised, I realized
As my life flashed right
Before my eyes (that)


It happened so fast, what could I do?
I was stuck, pinned in by that truck
And I could barely move

My mind went back to a much simpler time
Before things got out of whack and out of line
If I’d had a lot less crap on my mind
Maybe I’d have seen that stop sign

From what I later learned
The guy in the truck’s name was Vern
He'd been tryin’ to make a right turn
Now he’s on crutches with third-degree burns

As for me and mine, I finally realized
When my life flashed right
Before my eyes (that)

Life’s a gift; can’t take it for granted
Who knows how many days we've been handed?
To be candid, I hope by now we've learned
That life’s a gift and there’s no returns
When I forget, I think of good ‘ol Vern…
Life's a gift and there ain't no returns